Dr Jon Breast Enlargement Cream


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The most popular biotech ferment method is selected to improve the sensitivity of the hormone receptor in a healthy way, aim at the problems of women such as causing sagging & anisomastia breast, nourish ligament and connective tissue of the breast, regulate the excretion of female hormone & unclose the passage for hormones & microelements to enter into the mammary gland, which will be immediately enlarged to absorb the nourishments & microelements needed. Excite the lymph circulation,improve the cell grow & elasticity of breast, strengthen breast tissue, prevent the fat from expanding or mammary gland from shrinking. The breast is obviously enlarged & straightened after using. It can improve the holding force of the breast to leave it straight, keep the nipples ruddy, breast round & full.

Main Ingredients

Olive oil emulsifier, Grayfish oil, Acrylicpolymer, Cetyl Alcohol Ether Phosphate, Ginseng Saponin, Danggui, Radix angelicae sinensis, Ginseng Activator, Over 40 varieties fo natural breast nutrients & a range of vegetable essences.

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